Campaigning for NEU Members

East Sussex Pay Dispute Update


The campaign to reverse East Sussex pay falling behind and get the STRB recommend rises paid in full continues. Yesterday 7 more schools voted to join the strikes. These schools are Ratton, Cavendish, Bourne Primary, Hailsham Community College, Ocklynge Junior Pashley Down and in West Sussex but part of a majority East Sussex trust the Central CE Academy.


We are likely to look to call the first strike for these schools on the 27th June.


We are again looking to discuss settling the dispute with the County Council and individual governing bodies. 25 schools are now paying in the county.


More schools are coming forward asking for a rep to come in and speak to members about the pay situation. If you would like to arrange this please do let me know.

If you are a parent of a child at one of the schools or you wish to explain the action to a parent or member of the public click here for more information.